Online Resources and Literature

Quad City Community Resources:

  • Robert Young Community Mental health Center (Rock Island, Illinois)
  • Vera French Community Health Center (Davenport)
  • Humility of Mary Housing- #563-326-1330
  • Family Resources (Davenport, Iowa) Lutheran Social Services (Davenport, Iowa)
  • Career Assessment: Blackhawk Community College (Rock Island, Illinois)
                                   Scott Community College (Davenport, Iowa)
  • Homeless Shelter- Name of City
  • C.A.D.S.- Center for Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Shelter for Abused Women and Children
  • Rape Crisis Center- Family Resources/Sexual Assault Counseling & Advocacy
    24 Hour Crisis line: #309-797-1777
  • Gilda’s Club- #563-326-7504
  • Veteran’s Affairs- #309-793-1460
  • Salvation Army- #309-794-0220 (Rock Island)
                              #309-762-2811 (Moline)
                              #563-323-2748 (Davenport)
  • Community Food Pantry- #563-322-8253
  • Community Health Care- #563-322-2855 (Davenport)
  • Cafe on Vine- #563-324-4472
  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness, Scott County)- #563-322-5454
  • Mended Hearts (Cardiac)- #563-785-4551
  • M.S. Support Group- #563-441-1536


    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADD, ADHD)
    Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)
    Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Illness)
    Borderline Personality Disorder
    Depression Checklist (Save Suicide Awareness Voices of Education)
    Eating Disorders
    Research on HIV & AIDS
    Suicide Prevention

  • SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
  • NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
  • Ask a Doctor- Web MD
  • What is Domestic Violence?
  • Discover your love language-
  • PTSD Self Assessment-


Meeting Times and schedules available on websites:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) #1-800-258-7780
Al-Anon Friends and Families of problem drinkers)
GA (Gamblers Anonymous) #309-792-4191
NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
OA (Overeaters Anonymous) #309-762-0306
Celebrate Recovery (Offered in churches in Iowa & Illinois)
MA (Marijuana Anonymous)
Smokers Anonymous
Sex Addiction Support Groups